Youth Endowment


The Youth Endowment Fund is a ‘What Works’ Centre that aims to prevent children and young people from becoming involved in violence.

Having successfully designed the YEF Toolkit, we were asked to redesign the whole YEF website around it.

Many public sector organisational websites follow a similar structure of About – News – Reports – Events. However, YEF’s specific remit and way of working required us to think more carefully about how we structured the content.

YEF funds projects and then evaluates them for effectiveness. These evaluations then feed into a body of evidence of ‘what works’ in preventing youth violence, in turn providing the criteria for future funding rounds. With this in mind, we needed to ensure that fundees, projects, evaluations and evidence toolkit outcomes are all related to each other and share common metadata.

As YEF evolves to carry out more evaluations, we are working alongside them to make sure that the website continues to facilitate their work.