Open Energi VR Cityscape

We have created a VR Cityscape to complement our animation describing the huge potential of Open Energi’s technology. This vr version can be used as a more interactive conversation piece at events and exhibitions. Re-using the original assets from the animation within a webvr framework meant we could quickly prototype a version of the background scene. We then added layers of motion and infographics over the top of that to build up the story.

We all appreciate that VR is not the best way of communicating complex data, but a couple of pairs of VR goggles on an event stand act as enticing person-to-person ice-breaker. Designing for VR also provides useful limitations in terms of simplicity and immediate visual impact.

Using webVR means the cityscape works equally well on Chrome, across all platforms, from desktop to mobile.

Next steps are to create a more expansive modular world, where we can customise the buildings for specific sector audiences.