Dynamic Demand 2.0: creating a sustainable energy future

As part of the launch strategy of Dynamic Demand 2.0 – Open Energi’s latest energy sharing platform – we were asked to develop an info-graphic language to help communicate the mechanics between their clients’ assets and Open Energi’s innovative cloud-based services which use artificial intelligence. This graphic language came to life through an animation telling a compelling story for the future of the energy industry.

The animation narrative was based on a series of interviews with two of Open Energi’s key players, David Hill and Michael Bironneau. We used their own voices to tell the story, together with the visual look & feel from the brand refresh we had previously worked on. The video was showcased at the Business Green Summit as well as shared on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Open Energi develop technologies that help big businesses and organisations reduce the cost of delivering and consuming power by optimising demand and supply of energy in real time. Their platform helps organisations evolve towards a more efficient and sustainable business model through the use of renewables.