A call to all UK digital makers to help inspire a new generation of digital makers.

Where the UK once dominated the technological landscape it is now being overtaken by other nations delivering groundbreaking and innovative technological products to the world. And with 8% of the UK’s GDP coming from the internet, the question was asked: where is the UK’s next generation of aspiring digital makers?

In 2011, Nesta published a report calling for changes in education in order to help young people become the digital workforce of the future. Around the same time, Eric Schmidt stated that the UK’s IT curriculum was focusing more on learning how to use software rather than learning how it was made.

Since the report a lot has changed. Nesta asked us to create an animation to celebrate what has happened since the publication of the report and to call out to others to become expert educators to help young people become future innovators and digital makers.

Watch our animation to find out how things have changed for the future of digital making in the UK.